A great collaborator has chosen to retire

Associate professor Ole Hagh wishes to retire after 37 interesting years at Aarhus School of Business and Aarhus University. It will be a mild retirement at first, as Ole Hagh will become associate professor emeritus and will continue to carry out selected activities at the Department of Business Administration.

2013.06.11 | Julia Rolsted Stacey

Associate professor Ole Hagh. Photo: Julia Rolsted Stacey, AU Communications.

Associate professor Ole Hagh from the Department of Business Administration will retire on June 20, 2013. Ole Hagh has successfully divided his career between administration/management and teaching. Furthermore, he has been a great collaborator in advisory councils, study boards, projects and other academic activities, and his common theme has been marketing and IT.

Marketing and IT

Marketing has always been Ole Hagh’s speciality. He has taught marketing over a long period and his teaching has evolved around marketing from different perspectives. Also, Ole Hagh was head of department during the years 1980-2005 at the previous Department of Marketing and later on Department of Marketing and Statistics, Aarhus School of Business.

"I find marketing extremely interesting, and I feel the need to ensure that the consumers are remembered and become an important player in the value chain", says Ole Hagh.

IT has also been of great interest to Ole Hagh. He has participated in and coordinated different IT project over the years and it was therefore only natural that Ole Hagh was chosen as coordinator of the master programme in information systems, communication and organisation in 2000.

As coordinator he ensured that marketing became an important part of the master programme. He came to play an important role in teaching the master students that IT is and must be a natural element in the strategy of an organisation and its surroundings.

In 2009 Ole Hagh was moreover selected as coordinator of the bachelor programme in marketing management.

 "Ole Hagh has been a great collaborator and coordinator. The department will miss his insights and abilities to coordinate and to make sure of progress," says head of department Karen Brunsø, and adds:

"It has always been Ole Hagh's strength to facilitate that everyone and everything is well-functioning, and especially the last years he has secured the success of our master in IT, Communication and Organisation, that received an ACE accreditation earlier this year".

An exciting career

Ole Hagh finds it difficult to pick out the most exciting period of his working life. He says he has been privileged in so many ways. Ole Hagh has had a solid base at the department together with a large number of internal collaborators and a numerous of contacts outside the university.

Ole Hagh has been very involved in advisory councils. In 2005 he was elected to be the local representative of the Danish Association of Lawyers and Economists (DJØF). Ole Hagh has enjoyed representing the employees and he has been very good at collaborating with many different parties within the organisation.

"My collaboration with so many different actors has been very inspiring and meant much to me," says Ole Hagh and continues:

"It has been a success criterion for me to make sure that everyone has been well-functioning in their workplace and has had influence on their work situation".

What now?

In the next years to come, associate professor emeritus Ole Hagh plans to write a textbook together with a colleague.

"My retirement also gives me the opportunity to exercise more and read a lot of great books", finishes Ole Hagh.

Contact information

Associate professor Ole Hagh
Aarhus University
School of Business and Social Sciences
Department of Business Administration
+45 8716 5015