Associate Professor Starting grant for three MGMT researchers

The Aarhus University Research Foundation awards starting grants to Jessica Aschemann-Witzel, Ingo Kleindienst and Toke Bjerregaard from the Department of Management

2016.01.13 | Merete Elmann

AUFF has granted approx. 2.2 million DKK to Associate Professor Jessica Aschemann-Witzel for a collaborative research project that Jessica and Birger Boutrup Jensen have developed. The project called ‘WASTEPROM’ will look at the question ‘The dual relation between food pricing and consumer-related food waste: Part of the problem as well as the solution?’, and will also include a PhD student.

Associate Professor Ingo Kleindienst has been awarded a research grant of 1.5 million DKK. Ingo Kleindienst receives the grant for his research proposal ‘Extreme Life Events of Top Executives: Implications for Firm Behavior and Performance.’ The grant runs until December 2018 and will be used to open up a two year Postdoc position.

Associate Professor Toke Bjerregaard receives an AUFF associate professor starting grant of 1.5 million DKK. The project title is ‘Strategy-as-Practice in Global Business’, and the project is going to run for three years from 2016.

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