Bjarne Rerup Schlichter celebrates his 25th anniversary

Today, Bjarne Rerup Schlichter could celebrate his 25th anniversary at a ceremony at Fuglesangs Allé. Here family and colleagues marked his many years’ of dedicated service.

2017.09.28 | Susie Munk Jensen

Bjarne Rerup Schlichter at his 25th anniversary. Photo: Aarhus BSS kommunikation.

Bjarne Rerup Schlichter is associate professor at the Department of Management, but he started his career at the department in 1992. Here he became a temporary lecturer not long after graduating as a Master of Science. Today, 25 years later, Bjarne Rerup Schlichter is known as a highly competent and good colleague and lecturer, and thus he was duly celebrated yesterday for his many years at Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University.

“We’re very happy that Bjarne has been with us for so long. Everyone likes Bjarne. He is an open and helpful person, who is always happy to lend a hand to people who need help - whether it’s a student or a colleague,” says Andrea Carugati, head of the research section Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Information Systems at the Department of Management.

An untraditional researcher
Alongside his university career, Bjarne Rerup Schlichter has spent a few years in the private sector, where, among other things, he worked as a project director in a number of countries all over the world. Bjarne Rerup Schlichter has managed to take his knowledge, experience and network with him and apply it to enrich his work as a researcher and lecturer.

“As a lecturer, Bjarne is excellent at incorporating his practical experience into his teaching. He is accurate, thorough and very good at making his research applicable in practise. This is particularly valued by the students on his continuing education courses,” says Andrea Carugati. 

Bjarne Rerup Schlichter also stands out positively by working with subject areas that are not usually in focus at the Department of Management.

“Bjarne has published a number of excellent publications and articles that become even more interesting as they do not deal with the usual topics. For example, IT and information systems have been the focus of several of his projects as well as his PhD dissertation,” concludes Andrea Carugati.

Bjarne Rerup Schlichter’s research focuses on IT, and he is a lecturer on the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Executive Master’s level. He is also a PhD supervisor and the union representative at the Department of Management.