Den Gyldne Fugl 2013: The winner of Lecturer of the Year is from the Department of Business Administration

Associate Professor Steen Andersen has won the Lecturer of the Year Award from Studenterlauget.

2013.11.11 | Merete Elmann

Saturday 9 November Studenterlauget held the first annual award show, Den Gyldne Fugl (The Golden Bird), which is the reincarnation of the former Commerciel Awards.

Two associate professors from the Department of Business Administration, Steen Andersen and Christian Waldstrøm, were nominated in the category Lecturer of the Year, and the popular votes among students chose Steen Andersen to be the winner of the award. Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard presented Steen with the award.

About the award
This award is given to a professor who, through his/her academic knowledge and teaching methods, manages to make lectures an educational and inspirational part of the students’ everyday lives.

Why Steen Andersen was a nominee:
“Steen is nominated because of his always good mood and his great passion for lecturing. He is a brilliant lecturer and a very competent head of the tutors. Every year, he contributes to constantly enhancing the academic level.”

Tutor of the Year also from the Department of Business Administration
Teaching assistant in Statistics, Mads Song, won the award Tutor of the Year.

This award is given to a tutor at BSS who, through his/her academic competencies, manages to help and guide the students in an easy and understandable way during the tutorials.

Mads Song was nominated because:
“Mads’ academic skills are of a remarkable character. He is a straight-A student with top grades in all his courses. He is a tutor in statistics for the second year in a row, which only further emphasises his academic competences.”.

The department congratulates our winners!

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