Focused innovation and low-tech practices

On Friday, 13 April, Jens K. Gundersen, founder of Unisense, will be speaking at the second innovation seminar this spring. Unisense was born at Aarhus University and is the story of the commercial success achieved by a small player in a global high-tech industry through focused innovation management.

2012.04.11 | Daniel Jørgensen

On Friday, 13 April, Jens K. Gundersen, CEO and founder of Unisense FertiliTech, will be giving the talk: “Innovation in Unisense FertiliTech: Low-tech practices in a high-tech industry”.

Today, Unisense is a world-leading supplier of microbiological measuring equipment, employing a modest 50 people. Nevertheless, the ambition is for revenue of DKK 1 billion in 2014.

- Unisense Fertilitech is interesting because it is a company which despite its smallness takes an incredibly systematic approach to innovation and R&D. Normally, these things are handled in a slightly more arbitrary fashion in small companies, which as they grow have to spend a lot of resources organising themselves, explains Professor Lars Frederiksen, one of the organisers behind the seminar.

Unisense originally sprang from a research project at Aarhus University back in 1998 which obtained a patent on some new biological measuring methods. Jens K. Gundersen subsequently set up the subsidiary Unisense Fertilitech.

Low-tech practices 

Jens K. Gundersen will talk about how Unisense Fertilitech uses basic low-tech practices to forge relations with researchers around the world. For example, they often open their homes to visiting researchers.

- Their low-tech practices simply help create the necessary networks and strategic partnerships and enable Unisense to seize some pretty ground-breaking opportunities for innovation, to be super-focused in its innovation management and procure capital for future investments, to find the right employees at the right time and choose the right partners, explains Lars Frederiksen.

 After Jens K. Gundersen's talk, Helle Neergaard, a professor in entrepreneurship, will speak on what and how we can learn from Unisense Fertilitech.

The seminar on innovation is one of a string of seminars under the heading of “Practitioners in Innovation”, which look at ways in which a number of successful companies and people practise innovation.

Time and place

The seminar is open to all and is held on Friday 13 April 2012 at
Auditorium R1, Building R,
Fuglesangs Allé 4, 8210 Aarhus V

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15:00: Welcome and introduction by Lars Frederiksen
15:10: Presentation by Jens K. Gundersen, CEO of Unisense FertiliTech
15.50: Reflections on the presentation by Helle Neergaard, professor in entrepreneurship
16.00: Debate and comments from the audience
16:30-: Networking and refreshments


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