Four new PhD students join the Department of Business Administration

Christos Kavvouris, Martina Therese Kiehas, Thomas Hessellund Nielsen and William Newell are enrolled as PhD students from September 2014.

2014.09.02 | Merete Elmann

The following PhD students begin their studies at the Department of Business Administration in Septemer 2014:

Christos Kavvouris with the project title 'A dual, explicit-implicit information processing model approach on sustainable food choices'. Christos will be affiliated with the Marketing and Sustainability group and working with supervisors Athanasios Krystallis Krontalis and John Thøgersen.

Martina Therese Kiehas with the project title 'Barriers and facilitators for the implementation and success of marketing networkds consisting of smaller as well as larger food related organisations'. Martina will be affiliated with MAPP and working with supervisors Tino Bech-Larsen and Lars Esbjerg.

Thomas Hessellund Nielsen with the project title 'The effects of Mindfulness on performance'. Thomas will be affiliated with the Strategy and Organisational Behaviour group and working with supervisors Ingo Kleindienst and Frances Jørgensen.

William Newell with the project title 'A Study of the Implications of Reverse Use of Customer Data on Supply Chain Value Creation & Data Sharing'. William will be affiliated with the B2B Marketing Management group and working with supervisors Chris Ellegaard Lars Esbjerg.

We warmly welcome our new PhD students!