Henning Madsen continues as Emeritus

Professor Henning Madsen from the Department of Business Administration is formally saying goodbye after 38 years at Aarhus School of Business and later Aarhus University. He will still be connected to the department as Emeritus.

2014.12.04 | Julia Rolsted Stacey

Professor Henning Madsen has been employed at Aarhus University since 1976, in the beginning at the former Aarhus School of Business. He has held various positions, the most recent being Professor with Special Assignments from 2008.

Over the years Henning Madsen has gained a thorough and broad insight into different important areas of Business Administration. After a number of years as part of the research and teaching environment in applied statistics, he later decided also to become part of the research environment in innovation and environmental management, including how quantitative methods can be of use when conducting such studies.

Thereby Henning Madsen has been involved in a number of national and international research projects revolving around industry and its environmental and innovative behaviour. He has also often been responsible for various activities in international communities such as for example The European Academy of Management (EURAM) and The Decision Sciences Institute (DSI). During the many years of employment, Henning Madsen has been much in demand as supervisor for MSc students as well as PhD students.

Apart from individual endeavours, Henning Madsen is a true team player and he has taken his full share of administrative duties, ranging from being member of the BSc and MSc Study Boards, member of the ASB Academic Council and the ASB Faculty council to mention some. He was also involved in the internationalization process which took place around 25 years ago at ASB with responsibility for Erasmus as well as Tempus projects.

In the next couple of years Henning Madsen will continue as Emeritus to finish his engagements as doctoral supervisor and being part of the BADM research group Strategy and Organizational Behaviour.