How do you respond to an organisational crisis?

Book publicity of Organizational Crisis Communication by Finn Frandsen and Winni Johansen

2016.11.08 | Anne Øster Marcussen

When a crisis breaks out, it’s not always just the organisation that reacts - the news media, customers, employees, trade associations, politicians, activist groups, and PR experts may also respond.

This book offers a new and original perspective on crisis communication based on the theory of the Rhetorical Arena and the so-called multivocal approach.  According to this approach, we gain a more dynamic and complex understanding of organisational crises if we focus not only on the communication produced by the organisation but also take into account the many other voices who start communicating when a crisis breaks out.

It provides:

  • An in-depth overview of the five key dimensions of organisational crises, crisis management and crisis communication
  • A comprehensive introduction to the theory of the Rhetorical Arena and the multivocal approach to crisis communication, including some of the most important voices inside the arena
  • A series of important international case studies and case examples in each chapter.

Suitable for students studying crisis communication modules on corporate communication, public relations, and management and organisation studies courses.

 A multitude of responses to such crises is a feature of our world today. Using international case studies, the authors Finn Frandsen and Winni Johansen show how the multiple voices that communicate a crisis are more significant than ever before.

Finn Frandsen and Winni Johansen both teach at the Executive Master i Corporate Communication. You can read more about the EMCC Master here.

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