John Thøgersen receives the Danish Marketing Research Award

On Thursday 1 October 2015, John Thøgersen from Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University will receive the Danish Marketing Research Award. The award is given in recognition of valuable research within the field of marketing.

2015.09.21 | Julia Rolsted Stacey

Professor John Thøgersen receives the award in honour of his contribution and impressive career as a researcher on consumer behaviour - especially sustainable consumer behaviour. He is among the leading researchers worldwide and is highly committed to bringing his research into play both in academia and in companies’ marketing departments.

John Thøgersen is a professor of economic psychology at the Department of Management. He graduated from Aalborg University where he received his Master’s degree in Economics and Management in 1980 and his PhD in 1985. In 1986, he was employed at the Aarhus School of Business where, among other things, he wrote a doctoral dissertation which he defended in 1999.

John Thøgersen conducts research into consumer behaviour especially in relation to the environment and sustainability (eco-labelling, organic food purchases, travel mode choice, energy consumption). Furthermore, he is the coordinator of the Marketing and Sustainability Research Group and the initiator of the global network Virtual Community on Sustainability and Consumption. He is also connected to the MAPP Centre – Research on Value Creation in the Food Sector for Consumers, Industry and Society.

Throughout his career, John Thøgersen has authored more than 200 scientific publications. He is also an active communicator and lecturer and has been a visiting professor at foreign universities in e.g. the US, China, Germany, Thailand, Australia, France, Portugal, the UK and the Netherlands.  John Thøgersen often appears as an expert in the press and is valued for his ability to translate his knowledge and link it directly to the topic at hand.


The award of DKK 50,000 is given in recognition of valuable research within the field of marketing.