Kasper Elmholdt receives travel grant and plans to visit Oxford

Kasper Elmholdt from the Department of Business Administration has been awarded a travel grant for 2014 from the foundation Købmand Ferdinand Sallings Mindefond. He will use his scholarship for a stay at Said Business School, University of Oxford over the summer of 2014.

2014.01.20 | Julia Rolsted Stacey

Kasper Elmholdt has been awarded a travel grant of 150,000 DKK and been given the opportunity to go to Oxford to conduct management consultant research. He will be a visiting scholar at the Said Business School at the University of Oxford.

”There are many similarities between Denmark and the UK, and it therefore makes good sense to go to Oxford to explore their research further," says Kasper Elmholdt, who is a PhD student at the Department of Business Administration.

“In Oxford I can learn from their research within two research areas. First, they are strong within the field service firms and management consultancy, and second, they do specific research in management in health care settings,” says Kasper Elmholdt.

“I would like to collaborate with researchers at Said Business School and the group working with science and technology studies."

The visit to Oxford will complement PhD research

Kasper Elmholdt’s stay abroad is part of his PhD programme. His field of research is about the use of management consultants in public organisations where he mainly concentrates on management development. Specifically, Kasper Elmholdt follows management consultants at two departments at the Aarhus University Hospital and studies what happens within a management team when a management consultant is asked to help develop leadership abilities.

The consultant should be seen as a supplement

According to Kasper Elmholdt the preliminary findings show points that have been illustrated theoretical previously. The results yield further knowledge about the role of the management consultant. How does he/she affect an organisation, and also how does the organisation affect the management consultant?

“Moreover it seems like much research has either exaggerated or neglected the management consultant’s ability to create change,” explains Kasper Elmholdt.

“With empirical examples my research tries to challenge these opposing directions,” he concludes.


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