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New journal in expatriate management and global mobility

Researchers from Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences are the driving force behind a new international journal of major importance. The journal will focus on expatriate management and global mobility, which, despite being more relevant than ever, has so far not had its own academic journal.

?The first issue of the Journal of Global Mobility (JGM) - with the subtitle: The Home of Expatriate Management Research - will be published in 2013 by the UK publisher Emerald. The journal will mainly concentrate on topics such as research into expatriate management and job market mobility, but related topics will also be treated in the journal. Professor Jan Selmer from Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences at Department of Business Adminstration will be editor-in-chief of the new journal.

? The JGM is particularly interested in exploring new areas of or experiences with global mobility. We prefer contributions resulting from quantitative or qualitative methods. Theoretical descriptions of developments in the area are, however, also welcome. But most importantly, the journal is inviting high-quality contributions, says the coming editor-in-chief, Jan Selmer, currently holding a position as professor at Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences and continues:

? I would like to stress that  the objective of the JGM is to quickly become a high-quality journal for academic research. To this end, we have established a highly competent Editorial Advisory Board which serves to help safeguard the quality of the journal.

Examples of research topics for the journal include stories about: Academics stationed abroad, frequently travelling international businesspeople, minority rights, missionaries, highly-skilled immigrants in Denmark, diplomats etc.

Target group
The journal is aimed at academics, primarily within business schools and universities, in particular faculties of social sciences, and employees in businesses and organisations having an interest or being involved in global mobility.

In addition to editor-in-chief Jan Selmer from Department of Business Administration, Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences, Jakob Lauring (one of the four editors of the journal) and Anders Klitmøller (editorial assistant), also from Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences, are also involved in the publication of the JGM. The journal is thus, in practice, based at Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences. 

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Jan Selmer 

Professor Jan Selmer, PhD
Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences
Department of Business Administration