New research network funded by the Independent Research Council: Public reform as a permanent condition

Associate Professor Toke Bjerregaard takes part in new research collaboration on public reform

2015.08.13 | Merete Elmann

The network 'Public reform as a permanent condition', including a researcher from each of the Departments of Management, Psychology, Anthropology (AU), Organization (CBS) and KORA (Danish Institute for Local and Regional Government Research), has been granted a little more than one million DKK for research collaboration in the recent round of grants from the Danish Council for Independent Research. Toke Bjerregaard represents the Department of Management in the network.

The funding will facilitate collaboration with international members in the network on joint publications, conferences, PhD workshops and application for international funding. Through such activities the network will establish an international agenda for researching ongoing organizational change and reform as the more prevalent conditions for public organizations, and the implications for managers, employees and their work relationships. International research collaboration will enable comparisons of the general and country-specific ways in which reform pace influence the dynamics and functioning of public organizations and work life within them.

The network will leverage under-represented ethnographic methodologies, being particularly apposite for the study of organizations in a process of continual reconstruction and instability.

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