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New semester package for greater academic coherence

A new semester package in entrepreneurship for MSc students in Economics and Business Administration will meet the demand for greater academic coherence in the further education system.

Together with CEI (Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation), the iCARE research group at the Department of Marketing and Organisation has created an academically strong and coherent semester package. The intention is to optimise learning and create meaningful synergies for students.

Entrepreneurial teaching in further education

The Danish Government is currently focusing on entrepreneurial teaching and education on further education programmes in Denmark.

The Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education Morten Østergaard has, in his 2012 report ‘Greater coherence in the further education system’ (in Danish), proposed that “A new innovation strategy must focus on how innovation and entrepreneurship can be integrated into all further education programmes.”

The new semester package for students of Economics and Business Administration has focused greatly on academic coherence and entrepreneurship, and is thereby seeking to live up to the Government’s vision.

More on offer for students

Stronger academic insights and greater opportunities for students have priority when a subject combination of method, theory and process within entrepreneurship is offered from 2012.

Looking ahead, the aim is to offer the semester package to a wide range of students at Aarhus University.

At the same time, it is hoped that the semester package can pave the way for other similar projects at Aarhus University, and provide inspiration for new, coherent, interdisciplinary offers for students.

Semester package – composition

  • Entrepreneurship Method (5 ECTS credits)
    Introduces the students to entrepreneurial methods and enables them to apply entrepreneurial methods in real-life contexts. Course coordinator: Helle Neergaard
  • Entrepreneurship Theory (10 ECTS  credits)
    Here, the theoretical field within entrepreneurship will be outlined, which will hopefully prepare students for being able to theoretically reflect on the various ways in which you can take an entrepreneurial approach to the world. Course coordinator: Steffen Korsgaard
  • Entrepreneurship Process (15 ECTS credits)
    This is the biggest subject in the semester package. The subject guides the students through an entrepreneurial process where, through ‘being’ entrepreneurial, they learn how to become entrepreneurs.  Course coordinator: Per Blenker