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Addendum to the Phase 1 report

2017.02.20 | Merete Elmann

The first results from Project Half Double were published in June 2016 in the report “Preliminary results for phase 1” (Svejvig et al. 2016). Now, we follow up on this report with an Addendum published on 1 February 2017. Here, we document the progress of the pilot projects involved in Project Half Double from June 2016 to January 2017, with a particular focus on evaluating the impact they have created and the fulfillment of their success criteria. At this point of time, five out of seven pilot projects are completed or nearly completed, which enables us to consider at least the short-term impact for the majority of the projects. This Addendum is therefore a supplement and should be read in conjunction with the Phase 1 report, which will give the reader relevant further information. The target group for this report is practitioners in Danish industry and society in general.

We conclude that the Half Double Methodology can lead to a faster impact in the pilot projects when compared to other projects in the same organisation. Of the seven pilot projects, four projects indicate a positive effect from employing Half Double Methodology; two projects had little effect, while one pilot project cannot yet be evaluated, as it is still ongoing.

Additionally, Project Half Double phase 1 has planted many seeds in the pilot organisations concerning project methodology and beyond. Participants report to have gained important and useful insights from their participation and the Half Double Methodology has itself evolved and developed much during this time.

About Project Half Double
The objective of Project Half Double is to increase the competitive performance of the Danish industry by increasing accuracy, pace and impact of projects. To achieve this, Project Half Double has a clear mission to succeed in developing a project methodology that can increase the success rate of projects while increasing the speed at which we generate new ideas and develop new products and services. The overall goal is to deliver “projects in half the time with double the impact”.

Project Half Double is supported and funded by the Danish Industry Foundation. Implement Consulting Group leads the project and establishes and manages the collaboration with the pilot project companies in terms of methodology. Aarhus University and the Technical University of Denmark evaluate and document the impact of the pilot projects and the experiences gained from working with the Half Double methodology.

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