Project Half Double wins international prize and 100,000 dollars

Among more than 1000 applicants representing 40 countries, Project Half Double has been awarded the most Innovative Idea in Project Management prize.

2019.02.12 | Merete Elmann


In December 2018, Project Half Double received the award for Innovation in Project Management at the Dubai International Project Forum co-organised with PMI. With the award comes a prize of 100,000 dollars for Implement Consulting Group.    

One of the Half Double Methodology’s founding mothers, Christina Sejr Pedersen from Tring Ring Technologies in California, travelled to Dubai to attend the award ceremony.

But the journey of Project Half Double started several years ago. Since the beginning of 2015, Per Svejvig from the project management research group at Department of Management has been leading the research team conducting the evaluations of around 60 projects to conclude on the workings of the co-created project methodology. The research team partakes in an engaged scholarship study in close collaboration with the Danish Industry Foundation supporting the project financially, Implement Consulting Group, implementing the new project methodology and 15 pilot organisations delivering data to an extensive longitudinal study.

It is nice to see the joint efforts of Project Half Double bear fruit.


Anna Le Gerstrøm Rode

Per Svejvig

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