Research grant for Alexandra Festila and Polymeros Chrysochou

PhD Student Alexandra Festila and Associate Professor Polymeros Chrysochou receive a 30,000 DKK seed funding from Interactive Minds Centre.

2015.04.14 | Merete Elmann

The project 'Constructing healthfulness through package design. The mediating role of processing fluency' has received DKK 30,000 seed money from the Interactive Minds Centre. The purpose of the project is to investigate what are the underlying cognitive processes that influence consumers’ perception of health, and how can a better understanding of these processes improve package design to better communicate healthfulness.

The grant will be used to conduct several experimental studies. In the experimental conditions, the degree of typicality (or congruency) of the packages will be manipulated. Further, the cognitive response to the various conditions will be assessed, at different levels. One level refers to the inferences consumers make about the product, and the brand, based on the package design cues (e.g. perceived healthfulness). A different level of cognitive response is the subject’s felt fluency of the package design. Processing fluency, or the subjective experience of ease with which people process information, further influences consumers’ judgement across many instances (e.g. liking, truth). As such, it might also act as a mediator of the relationship between package design and consumers’ response, an effect that will also be addressed in the studies. The idea is to determine how internal cognitive processes relate the communicative message of healthfulness conveyed e.g. through the symbolism and semiotics of food packages.

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