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In 2017 Aarhus will be European Capital of Culture. Aarhus University has partnered up with the Aarhus 2017 "RETHINK" project and the partnership involves several aspects including teaching activities, conferences, evaluation and research related to Aarhus 2017.

2013.12.17 | Julia Rolsted Stacey

The 2017 project offers interesting possibilities for researchers at Aarhus University to explore different aspects of this large scale project that will alter the landscape of Aarhus and the region surrounding Aarhus from now until 2017 and beyond.

Interdisciplinary research

Six interdisciplinary research themes are defined and coordinated by researchers from across. The researchers and theme coordinators Steffen Korsgaard, Department of Business Administration and Iris Rittenhofer, Department of Business Communication recently held a total of three introductory meetings  to inform BSS researchers about the options for innovative research and evaluation to be carried out at Aarhus University.

At the meetings Louise Ejgod Hansen, who is currently coordinating the research efforts, talked about how the research efforts are organized, how researchers can apply for seed funding and connect with other researchers working with 2017, in relation to six overall research themes. Hans-Peter Degn, heading the evaluation effort, talked about the possibilities for Aarhus University researchers to connect to the large scale data collection that will generate longitudinal data from several groups of stakeholders in the 2017 project.

The first call for seed funding from the 2017 research program at Aarhus University has a deadline in early January 2014, and in the spring the work to develop the large scale data collection design will continue and is open to all AU researchers (with or without seed funding from 2017). So there are still plenty of openings for BSS researcher to get involved.

More information on the funding possibilities, research themes and data collection can be found at

Further information

See presentation on rethinkImpacts 2017 here. Further information here.

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