Steffen Korsgaard receives the Annual BSS Research Award 2013

On 7 June, associate professor Steffen Korsgaard was given the Annual BSS Research Award 2013 on the basis of his great research expertise within entrepreneurship.

2013.06.13 | Julia Rolsted Stacey

Associate professor Steffen Korsgaard. Photo: Julia Rolsted Stacey / AU Communication.

This year, School of Business and Social Sciences has conferred one of two annual research awards to associate professor Steffen Korsgaard from the Department of Business Administration on the basis of his great research expertise within entrepreneurship.

Steffen Korsgaard is 35 years old and received his PhD degree in November 2009. He became associate professor in 2012.

"Steffen Korsgaard has a background within philosophy and has later developed his research profile within the area of business economy and entrepreneurship, and is today a very productive and innovative researcher at the department", says head of department Karen Brunsø.

Will go abroad
With the research award in hand Steffen Korsgaard is now considering how to follow up. He says he will definitely go abroad workwise for a period. He was born in Aarhus and received his MA in philosophy and his PhD degree in business economy in Aarhus, so his CV is calling for an international sabbatical.

New angles from different disciplines
Steffen Korsgaard says he contributes with new and exciting angles in his research.

"I am critical towards traditional research within entrepreneurship and my theoretical discussions are concentrated on new thinking. Moreover, I like to integrate other disciplines".

"As a researcher I rethink terms and perspectives from different disciplines and work with them in new ways – also in regard to my teaching," explains Steffen Korsgaard.

Inspiring teamwork
Up to and including Steffen Korsgaard’s PhD, he did most of his research on his own. Since he completed his PhD Steffen Korsgaard has participated in the research groups iCARE and PACE headed by professor Helle Neergaard. Steffen Korgaard enjoys being part of a great research team. It enchances his research, and the group together creates a lot of synergy. Steffen Korsgaard explains that especially Helle Neergaard inspired him to become a researcher.

When Steffen Korsgaard entered the department as a PhD student, he was impressed by the openness and freedom characterizing the place.

"There was room for rethinking, "he says, and adds:

"I did not have to fit into a special way of thinking and that is probably why my perspectives seem to made a synergistic contribution to the rest of the research at the department", says Steffen Korsgaard in conclusion.

Chiara Valentini from Department of Business Communication also received to Annual BSS Research Award 2013.


  • iCARE stands for interdisciplinary Community for Advanced Research in Entrepreneurship
  • PACE stands for Promoting A Culture of Entrepreneurship


Contact information

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