Stephan Zielke new member of MAPP


Associate Professor Stephan Zielke has joined the MAPP research centre. Stephan Zielke has been associate professor of marketing at the Department of Business Administration since 2011. 

Stephan Zielke's research focusses on different aspects of retail marketing, especially retail pricing and point-of-sale marketing.

In the field of behavioural pricing, he has published articles about price images in food retailing, how these are influenced by different information cues, how price-related emotions mediate cognitive price perceptions, which causes customers assign to their price perceptions and how price satisfaction is formed.   

Stephan Zielke has been employed at the Institute of Marketing and Retailing at the University of Göttingen in Germany, where he completed his postdoctoral thesis about an extended perspective for the analysis of retail price images in 2009. Recently, he has held a position as associate professor at the Rouen Business School in France.