Students from the Department of Management named finalists in international case competition

Last Friday, a group of students from the Department of Management reached the finals in the international case competition Ad Venture Competition. Although the group didn’t win first place, their excellent results will definitely give their future careers a boost.

2015.05.27 | Julia Rolsted Stacey

A group of students from the Marketing Communications course made it to the finals in the international the Ad Venture Competition. This year’s brief was to design a campaign for the European Space Agency (ESA), to promote the advantages of space travel technology in the everyday lives of Europeans. The group from Aarhus BSS designed their campaign around the slogan ‘Your Everyday Astronaut’.

“We asked other students about what they associate with space research, and we found astronauts to be the thing that most people associate with space travel. We used this in our campaign - 'Your Everyday Astronaut' - taking as our point of departure a person wearing an astronaut helmet. This person is then shown in different everyday situations, in which satellites and space technology spin offs help us navigate life on earth - which was the purpose of the assignment,” explain the five girls who made it to the finals.

Making that extra effort impresses potential employers

The group from Aarhus BSS didn’t win the competition. But that doesn’t mean that their hard work was wasted - on the contrary. Potential employers are impressed by graduates who make participating in competitions a priority, explains Marianne Hjaltelin, strategic director of the ad agency Hjaltelin Stahl and guest lecturer on the Marketing Communication course:

“The competition for jobs in this line of business is tough, and as a new graduate it can be hard to gain a foothold when all you have to show for yourself is an empty CV. So getting to the finals or winning a prestigious competition like this can be a great advantage. It shows that you’ve made that extra effort and taken your education into your own hands. It makes you stand out from the crowd.”

The young women in the group are also satisfied. “Making it to the finals was a great experience, so walking away disappointed is not even an option,” they explain.




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