Students wrote award-winning paper in China

Two students took a break from their student lives at Aarhus BSS to spend some time in China working on their last project on the BSc programme in economics and business administration. They had an experience of a lifetime and won a prestigious award for their paper.

2015.06.01 | Julia Rolsted Stacey

Former BSc students Malte Carøe Frederiksen and Nikolai Kold wanted international wind beneath their wings towards the end of their BSc studies. The starting point for their trip to China was when they made contact with a Scandinavian consultancy firm in China, and they decided to grab the chance and go to China. They did not have their project all planned out before they left, but it gradually took shape during their trip. Nikolai Kold and Malte Carøe Frederiksen arranged all their interviews while they were in China.

“It required a lot of preliminary work to locate relevant companies, but once we’d made contact with them, things proceeded relatively smoothly,” explains Nikolai Kold.

According to Malte Carøe Frederiksen and Nikolai Kold, one of the greatest experiences was discussing the topic of their project with the company managers that they met with. The people whom they met with on their company visits were very open and accommodating.

Clear balance between theory and application

“We wanted to develop a solution-oriented paper,” says Malte Carøe Frederiksen, and Nikolai Kold adds:

“Yes, we wanted to strike a balance between theory and applicable solutions that Scandinavian companies can use when they are trying to enter the Chinese market.”

According to their supervisor, Siri Bøe-Lillegraven from the Department of Management, the strength of their project is the high analytical level the two students have operated on.

“Throughout their paper, Malte and Nikolai review theories within the appropriate framework and they take a conscientious approach. They openly discuss their assessments and experiences throughout the process and make critical evaluations of the choices they have made.”

Siri Bøe-Lillegraven believes that Nikolai Kold and Malte Carøe Frederiksen’s paper is an interesting read, not just to companies but also to fellow students interested in writing a paper during a stay abroad.

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