Survey on choice of study

How do students choose their MSc programme?

2012.11.28 | Merete Elmann

SOL student Jesper Houkjær, the lucky winner of an iPad

Department of Business Administration has recently completed a survey on choice of study among our MSc students.

The purpose of the study has been to understand which information sources students have used, alternatives considered, and the background of the students that have chosen to study at our department.

The response rate was 36.1%.

Important learning points
The far most popular information source is the Internet followed by open house events, while traditional marketing material, friends and families and former AU students are not very popular sources. This calls for a greater focus on Internet based information and social events like the open house.

The present situation when it comes to retrieving information about MSc studies is not good; a more proactive search marketing strategy and flexible homepage policy is needed.

A very large group of students did not consider alternatives to Aarhus University; however, an even bigger group considered CBS as an alternative which calls for knowledge about and ability to explain the differences between CBS and AU.

For Danish students primarily from Arhus University and secondly from SDU it is important that the place of education is in Aarhus, and this could be reflected in the marketing of the studies where other benefits of the location could be emphasised as well.

All in all, the survey has provided us with a lot of valuable knowledge which should be used to improve the marketing of our programmes.

Among the respondents, one lucky student won a brand new iPad.

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