The art of making staff innovative

New research at Aarhus University hopes to show how companies can encourage staff to come up with practical ideas that will benefit the business.

2013.06.18 | Line Ziegler Laursen

Many companies use ‘Idea Management Systems’, online idea systems where staff can submit good ideas. This is a form of employee-driven innovation that companies find extremely valuable.

However, finding the best way of encouraging staff to contribute to a common bank of ideas can be tricky. Nonetheless, Professor Lars Frederiksen, head of the Innovation Management Group at the Department of Business Administration, is determined to find the answer.

Best practice
Together with Carsten Bergenholtz he is investigating the Idea Management Systems of such companies as Ericsson, the electronics company. Another nine major companies will be helping the researchers understand how to get the most out of the concept.

“We're looking at how these companies have implemented the systems and how they get people to take part,” says Professor Lars Frederiksen, who expects to have a working paper ready in June 2013.

He explains that rewards can be a way of encouraging staff to contribute ideas. However, a reward system can give staff the wrong kind of incentive, fostering not good ideas but merely generating static and frivolous suggestions .

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