The European Entrepreneurship Education Award goes to Helle Neergaard and Per Blenker

Helle Neergaard and Per Blenker from Department of Management receive the 2018 European Entrepreneurship Education Award

2018.03.08 | Merete Elmann

Helle Neergaard

Per Blenker

It may not be a Nobel Prize, but the European Entrepreneurship Education Award is currently the most prestigious, annual European recognition of individuals or organisations who have developed entrepreneurship education research in novel and inspiring directions. The award is presented by the Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship at Lund University and ‘recognises an individual or organisation that has contributed to the improvement of entrepreneurship education in academia in Europe’.

This year the award goes jointly to Professor Helle Neergaard and Associate Professor Per Blenker at the Department of Management, BSS, Aarhus University, for delivering constructive criticism on traditional forms of teaching entrepreneurship and for suggesting novel approaches to identify current and future needs. This genuine interest has among other things manifested itself in the creation of the 3E Conference (ECSB’s Entrepreneurship Education Conference). Together, they have successfully co-created the 3E Conference into a leading arena for critical and stimulating discussions on entrepreneurship education, and have established a European community of entrepreneurship education scholars. In addition, Neergaard and Blenker’s joint cooperation in conceptualising and organising the 3E Conference clearly illustrates the collective dimension of entrepreneurial work, which has lately been presented as an area that needs to be further explored.

Helle Neergaard and Per Blenker will be presented with the award at a ceremony at Lund University on 19-20 April where they will each give a key note discussing their individual perspectives on imperatives of entrepreneurship education research and practice.