The Strategy & Organizational Behaviour research group at Department of Business Administration

The former CORE is now called the Strategy & Organizational Behaviour research group.

2014.03.12 | Merete Elmann

Some time ago CORE was asked to reconsider its name, so as to clarify the underlying and supporting sub-disciplines of our activities. The group accepted the invitation and has chosen a name, which reflects the latter.

Thus the renamed group will have the same foci but a different name. So rather than being named according to the generic research themes, Change, Organizational Renewal and Evolution describing (at a very general level) what the group has been doing for many years, the new name now reflects its disciplinary grounding: Strategy and Organizational Behaviour.

While the new name thus reflects the two generic disciplines that underpin its research activities, the foci and scientific expertise remain the same, i.e. on strategic renewal and change behaviour in organizations.

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