Two new grants related to market practices and innovation

Associate Professor Lars Esbjerg is part of two new research projects

2016.12.16 | Merete Elmann

Associate Professor Lars Esbjerg

Lars Esbjerg, the MAPP Centre, is part of two research projects focusing on market practices in the food sector - 'Provenance' and 'Demand Driven Innovation for Higher Quality Beef and Lamb' - that have received grants.

The Provenance project is financed by the Danish Innovation Fund. It addresses the knowledge gaps that exist related to physical, cultural and economic factors that prevent the growth of the Danish provenance food sector. To address these gaps, the MAPP Centre will conduct detailed case studies of both successful and unsuccessful cases of provenance foods in order to determine facilitators and barriers to farmers, processors, food service operators and retailers for successfully engaging in activities related to developing and marketing provenance foods. The project will employ a practice perspective to investigate how local producers can develop sustainable business models and market strategies for producing, processing and distributing provenance foods. The project is coordinated by Chris Kjeldsen, Department of Agroecology, and also involves several companies and municipalities.
See more about the Provenance project at Innovation Fund Denmark

 The other project is financed by Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak and aims to contribute to more innovative techniques and methods that will provide primacy producers and other value chain stakeholders with opportunities for meeting the demands of different groups of customers regarding ethical and eating quality in order to strengthen their competitiveness on both the domestic and international market. More specifically, the MAPP Centre will study how animal welfare aspects influence different stakeholders’ perception of quality, and how market practices and collaborative practices further or hinder firms from engaging in the development and marketing of products with a better animal welfare. The project is coordinated by Agroväst Livsmedel AB and involves Danish and Swedish partners.

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