PACE work book (in English)

“An Entrepreneurship Education Resource: experiences from the PACE® project"

Following an incredible demand for the Danish version and repeated calls for an English version, we have translated the Danish workbook into "An entrepreneurship education resource: experiences from the PACE project". It has been produced by a team of entrepreneurship educators consisting of Per Blenker, Steffen Korsgaard, Helle Neergaard, Lene Tanggaard and Claus Thrane from Aarhus and Aalborg Universities based on the research and teaching practice that has been developed and tested in the PACE® research project. The online version is downloadable for free here.

The resource is aimed at educators in higher education and combines theory and practice in a series of exercises and assignments ready to use in class. Each step in the resource consists of an introduction to the underlying theory which constitutes the framework for the exercises that can be used in class and an assignment that students can carry out either in class or at home.

You are free to use all the material as long as you remember to cite the PACE® project.

We hope you will enjoy our publication and put it to good use. 


Helle Neergaard

Project owner and leader