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Business in Society

We conduct interdisciplinary, high-quality research on the dynamic and complex relations, interactions and interdependencies between business and society. The role of business in society has fundamentally changed over the past decades, as corporate stakeholders place increasing demands on modern organisations. These demands have redirected corporate attention from economic responsibilities towards social, environmental and political responsibilities. These demands have also intensified with the growing need for urgent global action and increased international collaboration, promoting common understandings and frameworks such as those most recently seen in the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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We are an engaging research community within the field of entrepreneurship, whose members support each other in creating and developing entrepreneurial knowledge and capabilities that can be unfolded by both individuals and institutions, so these can realise economic, social, cultural as well as personal value. Our vision is to offer a vibrant and stimulating research environment dominated by the intellectual fellowship crucial for nurturing researcher satisfaction, talent development and retention. We wish to retain and enhance this diversity in the future, as entrepreneurship is in itself a trans-disciplinary phenomenon, where the combination of diverse insights from different disciplines creates novel research at the forefront of the field.

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Information Systems

At the Information Systems Research Group (ISRG) we engage in research within the following areas:

  • Development (topics: Agility, Design, and Sourcing)
  • Use (topics: Process Innovation, Work Practice Digitalisation, and Value Creation)
  • Management (topics: Digital Transformation and Strategy, IT Project Management, and Social Media Management)

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Innovation Management

The Innovation Management Group (IMG) brings together a skilled and ambitious group of researchers from various academic backgrounds - among others economics, management, economic geography and philosophy - who aim to understand and explain the management, strategy and economics of innovation.

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Organisational Crisis Management

The ambition of the Organisational Crisis Management Research Group (OCM) is to conduct excellent and innovative research at an international level within the field of organisational crises, crisis management and crisis communication in order (1) to improve the organisational practice in private and public organisations and (2) to develop the academic discipline of crisis management and crisis communication in the social science.

Furthermore, we want to contribute to the development and understanding of organisational crisis management and crisis communication as a legitimate field of research, education, consulting and practice in Denmark.

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People and Communication Management

Organisations in modern society are changing rapidly, and key factors fostering these changes are digital innovation, new societal demands and increased globalisation. These changes significantly impact the people inside the organisation and place new demands on both managers and employees alike. Consequently, it becomes a core strategic and managerial task how to attract, recruit, onboard, socialise, motivate, develop, and retain the right employees and to ensure strategy development and implementation, organisational development, intra-organisational relationships, and employee engagement. Communication is core to these processes, and communication management thus becomes a central task for obtaining organisational goals and improving organisational performance.

People and Communication Management research group

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Project Organising and Management

The management of projects is becoming a key to the growth, profitability and survival of organisations in an increasingly competitive and global environment. The management of projects is of considerable economic importance and it is estimated that about 20% of the global GDP is spend on projects. Project management is established as the preeminent method for making change in the world and project, programme, and portfolio managers leading the way.

We subscribe to the Scandinavian school of project studies, which looks at projects as temporary organisations and how they are embedded in permanent organisations and wider environments (the contexts) where we define a project as “a temporary organisation, established by its base organisation to carry out an assignment on its behalf”.

Project Organising and Management research group

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