Organisational Crisis Management Research Group


  • about organisational crises

Who we are

The ambition of the Organisational Crisis Management Research Group (OCM) is to conduct excellent and innovative research at an international level within the field of organisational crises, crisis management and crisis communication in order (1) to improve the organisational practice in private and public organisations and (2) to develop the academic discipline of crisis management and crisis communication in the social science.

Furthermore, we want to contribute to the development and understanding of organisational crisis management and crisis communication as a legitimate field of research, education, consulting and practice in Denmark.

What we do


We conduct research within the following interacting subfields: corporate crisis management, political crisis management and public crisis management from a cross-disciplinary perspective where management, organisation and communication studies are combined.

Our research projects are closely connected to key aspects of the overall crisis management framework:

  • Crisis prevention (crisis perception, signal detection, whistleblowing, risk and issues)
  • Crisis preparedness (crisis planning, crisis simulations, crisis scenarios, mediatisation)
  • Crisis response (crisis communication, rhetorical arena theory, situational crisis communication theory, decision-making, crisis leadership, social media, stakeholder relations)
  • Crisis recovery (organizational and employee resilience, business continuity, renewal discourse)
  • Postcrisis concerns (organisational learning, change management and communication, evaluation)
  • Internal and external crisis consulting
  • Interorganisational relations during crisis (spill-overs, supply chain, multi-crisis) 

We conduct research across organisational fields, industries and sectors.

Research Activities

Each semester we organise internal research seminars, after-hours meetings with professionals, and contribute to external courses, seminars and conferences within crisis management and crisis communication.

We collaborate with researchers from other sections of the department of Management such as within the fields of crisis informatics, social media, and crisis brand management. We have a strong international network with crisis management and crisis communication scholars from Europe, US and Asia.