People and Communication Management Research Group


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Who we are

Organisations in modern society are changing rapidly, and key factors fostering these changes are digital innovation, new societal demands and increased globalisation. These changes significantly impact the people inside the organisation and place new demands on both managers and employees alike. Consequently, it becomes a core strategic and managerial task how to attract, recruit, onboard, socialise, motivate, develop, and retain the right employees and to ensure strategy development and implementation, organisational development, intra-organisational relationships, and employee engagement. Communication is core to these processes, and communication management thus becomes a central task for obtaining organisational goals and improving organisational performance.

The research group on People and Communication Management aims at addressing these central challenges by doing research on people and communication management in order to enable organisations to perform better. To do so, we engage in internationally renowned research within the strategic, managerial and organisational aspects of managing people and communication. We apply and contribute to the development of central cross-disciplinary theories, such as the communicative constitution of organisation (CCO), collective leadership, organisational routines, paradoxes, legitimacy, Strategy-as-Practice, sensemaking, and process perspectives. We are experts within a wide range of qualitative methodologies including data collection methods such as interviews, participant observations, video-based ethnography, and textual documents, and we contribute to the application and development of core qualitative analytical methods such as content analysis, discourse analysis, and multimodal conversation analysis.

What we do


Current areas of research:

  • Communication (Employee, Leadership and Management, Organisational, Strategic, Change)
  • Management (Change and Diversity)

We publish our research in leading international journals such as Employee Relations, Human Relations, Human Resource Management, International Journal of Strategic Communication, Corporate Communications, Journal of Communication Management, Management Communication Quarterly, Journal of Management Inquiry and Organization Studies.


The PCM faculty contributes to the following educational programmes:

  • Master in Corporate Communication (until 2021)
  • Master in Strategic Communication (from 2020)