Project Organising and Management Research Group


  • about project management and temporary organising

Who we are

The management of projects is becoming a key to the growth, profitability and survival of organisations in an increasingly competitive and global environment. The management of projects is of considerable economic importance and it is estimated that about 20% of the global GDP is spend on projects. Project management is established as the preeminent method for making change in the world and project, programme, and portfolio managers leading the way.

We subscribe to the Scandinavian school of project studies, which looks at projects as temporary organisations and how they are embedded in permanent organisations and wider environments (the contexts) where we define a project as “a temporary organisation, established by its base organisation to carry out an assignment on its behalf”.

Our vision is to be a leading Danish competency center for research, education and knowledge exchange within project management and temporary organising:

  • High quality research based courses and talent development
  • Research with relevance and international outlook
  • Knowledge exchange with professional communities and society in general

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