We do research and teaching in the field of marketing. We investigate how to bring about transactions on markets, how to create customer value, and how to establish customer relationships.

Who we are

The Marketing Section at the Department of Management engages in teaching and research on consumer and business-to-business marketing. We analyse consumer behaviour and how consumer insights can be used in market-oriented business decisions, responsible commercial marketing and in social marketing and public policy. We analyse procurement, sales and marketing management and the development of relationships between partners on business-to-business markets, such as buyer-supplier relationships. We have an interdisciplinary orientation, drawing on a broad range of social science approaches and cooperating with researchers in many disciplines. To support this interaction, we publish in marketing and consumer behaviour journals, but also in a diverse set of other disciplinary and interdisciplinary journals, aiming to contribute to the marketing field as well as other fields that can gain from the application of marketing research.

Research Centres


Contact Head of Section Hanne Kragh with regard to research-related questions.

Contact Department Secretary Kristine Lysgaard with regard to practical matters.