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About the research group

B2B Marketing and Purchasing is a research group studying how organisations exchange products, services and knowledge with other companies on national and international markets.

We conduct research within four B2B areas:

  • Sourcing/purchasing management
  • Sales/marketing management
  • The buyer-supplier exchange
  • Industrial networks

Our research is positioned within the junction between the fields of industrial marketing and operations management, with considerable inspiration from international business. In addition, we rely on theories from alternative fields such as economics, organisation and social psychology.


Our research aims at understanding the exchange process between buying and selling companies, how organisations manage activities on their side of the exchange, as well as how they manage interdependencies to the broader industrial network of which they are part.

Based on this knowledge, we educate our students to become boundary spanners - specialised in managing across organisational divides. We also emphasise the international context, which adds another layer of complexity to B2B Marketing Management.

Fundamental principles

We share the following principles within the group:

  • We carry out high quality research, allowing us to publish in key scientific journals. We seek to continuously raise the bar and improve our theoretical sensitivity, research designs, data collection/analysis abilities and writing skills.
  • We take responsibility for fellow group members and ensure a high level of group cohesiveness.
  • We engage in a high number of diverse research activities - strengthening our scientific outputs and social relations.