2020.12.18 | Research news

Do we want to eat food with protein from cod waste?

Cod waste can be transformed into high quality fish protein, which can be added to our food products and thereby contribute to both our health and the circular economy. But are we willing to eat food enriched with cod protein? Researchers from the MAPP Centre at Aarhus University are looking into the matter in a new EIT Food study.

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2020.12.10 | Research news

Consumer preference differs when grocery shopping online

We love to shop online - but we have still not fully adopted the concept of online grocery shopping. A new study has identified three consumer segments that could be useful in developing the future of online grocery shopping.

2020.12.09 | Research news

Large study unveils eating habits during the corona crisis

Under the leadership of the MAPP Centre at Aarhus University, researchers have studied Europeans' eating habits during the corona crisis across 10 countries. The results show, among other things, a tendency towards more deliberate and larger purchases as well as a strengthened interest in cooking - and there are indications that some of the new…

2020.10.30 | Research news

2.9 million grant for Alice Grønhøj

Associate Professor of Management Alice Grønhøj has received a DKK 2.9 million grant from Independent Research Fund Denmark. She will investigate how teenagers and young people may act as catalysts for more sustainable food patterns.

2020.08.05 | Seminar

EIT Food online course on understanding food labels

Learn how to interpret food labels so you can make informed food choices and buy food that supports your health and wellbeing.

2020.07.01 | Research news

Fællesskab kan motivere mænd til at spise sundere

Hvis mænd over 55 år skal spise sundere, så kan samvær omkring maden i form af madlavnings- og spisefællesskaber være en del af løsningen. Det viser en ny undersøgelse, som Institut for Fødevarer og MAPP Centret ved Aarhus Universitet står bag.

2020.07.01 | Research news

Erhvervsskoleelever vil gerne spise sundere, men mangler værktøjerne

En del af de danske erhvervsskoleelever vil gerne spise sundere, men de mangler viden og kompetencer i forhold til mad - såkaldt ”food literacy” - for at nå i mål. Det er én af konklusionerne i en ny undersøgelse fra MAPP Centret ved Aarhus Universitet.

2020.06.29 | Research news

Vi undervurderer eget forbrug af slik og chips

Vi er godt klar over, at vores eget forbrug af slik og chips er for højt - men vi mener hver især, at vores eget forbrug er lavere end andre danskeres forbrug. Det viser en ny undersøgelse foretaget af MAPP Centret og Institut for Fødevarer på Aarhus Universitet, der stiller skarpt på udviklingen i portionsstørrelser af slik og chips i Danmark.

2020.06.18 | Research news

New EIT Food project - Consumer attitudes towards healthier processed meat products

As consumers are increasingly shifting towards healthier lifestyles and diets, the demand for healthier meat products is equally increasing.

2020.06.10 | Research news

How do consumers respond to sustainable packaging?

Aarhus University focuses on developing sustainable packaging solutions for food. In a new research project, the MAPP Centre will be involved in investigating how consumers respond to sustainable packaging.

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