Ekaterina Salnikova

2016.05.03 | People

New PhD student joins the MAPP Centre

Ekaterina Salnikova is enrolled as PhD student at the MAPP Centre from May 2016

2016.04.29 | Research news

Changing the world, one fridge at a time: Food waste, and what to do about it

To help change the world, have a look inside your fridge – this is one of the messages contained in an article published in the most recent issue of the authoritative academic journal Science. Food waste has attained monumental proportions in both the developed and developing worlds, and the sum of individual consumer´s actions can have major…

2016.04.27 | Events

PhD Defence: Jon O. J. Johansen

Perceptions of Depression - and their Relation to Attitude and Adherence

Erik Lahm

2016.04.12 | People

New PhD student joins the MAPP Centre

Erik Lahm is enrolled as PhD student at the MAPP Centre from April 2016.

2016.04.12 | Knowledge exchange

BBC Podcast: Food Waste: How Low Can it Go?

Listen to Natascha Loebnitz, Aarhus BSS at Aarhus University, when she talks about Food Waste.

2016.03.21 | Events

PhD Defence: Pernille Haugaard

Meal Satisfaction: Focusing on meals in worksite environments

2016.03.21 | Events

PhD defence: Anne Odile Peschel

Price information transfer and reference price formation

2016.03.09 | Research news

Video: It pays off to invest in eco-innovation

Companies perform better when they bring sustanability into their core values, says Marcia Dutra de Barcellos, Visiting Professor, MAPP Centre, Aarhus BSS.

2016.03.08 | Research news

Seeing Danish potatoes from a new angle

The Danish Innovation Fund grants 14.3 million DKK to the project ‘ProPOTATO’ – 2.1 million of these to Associate Professor Jessica Aschemann-Witzel at the MAPP Centre.

2016.02.22 | Research news

Potatoes as a sustainable alternative to animal protein

Research will make it possible to replace animal protein with potato protein extracted from the production of potato starch. Thus, the potatoes will be exploited better and contribute to a more sustainable feeding of the world's growing population.

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