Knowledge exchange seminars

MAR knowledge exchange seminars take place on Mondays at 11:45.

The seminars are an opportunity for researchers to provide and receive feedback on their work, increase awareness of each others' research areas and to interact and socialise with their colleagues.

Upcoming seminars 

  • 31 October, Arne Hørlück Høeg: 'Drivers and barriers to consumers’ adoption of packaging reuse schemes – A systematic literature review'
  • 7 November, John Thøgersen: 'Positive, negative, or graded sustainability labelling? Which is most effective at promoting a shift towards more sustainable product choices?'
  • 14 November, Giovanni Sogari, UNIPR: 'Consumer behavior toward the use of insect meal for farmed animals'
  • 21 November, Delphine Leardini: 'The Sweet protein project: Consumer acceptance of sugar reduced products'
  • 28 November, Gitte Kragh: 'Citizen sciene – origins, challenges and opportunities'

Everyone is welcome!

For further information, please contact Susanne Pedersen (