About ICOA

ICOA finds the interdisciplinary approach fundamental in the engagement of organisational architecture in order to create a holistic mindset/framework.

ICOA people are part of an interdisciplinary and international team which represents both researchers and practicians with backgrounds ranging from theology, to business, physics, economics and natural science. Together these people create an inspiring space for research, ideas and innovation.

ICOA – host of global activities

In 2009, a small group of International  and Danish scholars started discussions about forming a worldwide community focused on the topic of organization design.

This was the starting point for a number of global activities with the overall agenda of energizing the academic field of organisational design and architecture.

ICOA offered to host and sponsor the Organisational Design Community followed by the Journal of Organisation Design. This new network has the potential to become a strong global community with ICOA as a key player. In May the Organisational Design Community and ICOA organised The 2013 World Summit on Big Data and Organization Design which attracted more 130 academics, business and governmental representatives. ICOA is also the host of the upcoming international conference on Performance Management with the theme Designing the High-Performing Organisation. The conference will be held in Aarhus linking ICOA to a global network of scholars and practitioners in performance management.

Being a host of such global activities gives ICOA a strong platform for building relationships around the world to both esteemed academics and high-level business leaders. This creates great value to our research and to the branding of Aarhus University as the turning point for interesting activities.