A new reseach project will look at incentive systems and work motivation in the hospital


Postdoc Elena Shulzhenko will analyze how hospital budget systems and incentive systems contribute to achieving high quality of care in emergency departments.

2014.09.30 | Pernille Kallehave

Hospitals increasingly rely on standardised care pathways as a way to improve the quality of care and optimise the resourse utilisation. The success of the implementation of these standards depends on the willingness of healthcare professionals to embrace them in their daily work. 

Elena Shulzhenko, postdoc at AU Herning and affiliated with ICOA and the DESIGN-EM network established collaboration with Odense University Hospital in order to investigate healthcare professionals’ work motivation in the context of this organisational change. She will carry out a case study of the emergency department.

The research questions are:

  1. What is the impact of the standardised care pathways on healthcare professionals’ tasks and workflow?
  2. How can the present hospital budget and incentives systems for the healthcare professionals be characterised?
  3. In how far do the budget and incentive systems motive the healthcare professionals to follow the requirements of the standardised care pathways?

Elena Shulzhenko will present the first research results to the OUH management in April 2015.

Knowledge exchange, DESIGN-EM