External funding for analysis of the organization of emergency department


Research assistant Iben Duvald will analyse how an emergency department develops existing and future work processes.

2014.04.07 | Pernille Kallehave

The DESIGN-EM research network is now adding new activities – and funding - to its portfolio.

 DESIGN-EM is a cross-disciplinary research network with eight partners that combines research-based knowledge about optimizing organization design with the emergency medicine field in order to give evidence-based guidelines for designing effective and efficient emergency departments. 

External funding (186.000 kr.) from the the Research program for Emergency Medicine  (co-funded by Central Denmark Region and the Hospital Unit “Midt” in Viborg) now makes it possible for research assistant Iben Duvald to collect data and make further analysis of the organization of emergency departments.

The first project will focus on the use and effect of development tools to design the organization of emergency departments. Iben Duvald will investigate if the use of mock ups and real life tests (prototyping) are usefull tools in developing the organization of work flow. The second analysis will focus on the organizational changes as a consequence of the implementation of telemedicine. 

“Building a new emergency medicine organization is a complex puzzle with many bricks”, says Professor, MD Hans Kirkegaard from The Research Center for Emergency Medicine (CfA) and Professor Børge Obel, Center Director for the Interdisciplinary Center for Organizational Architecure (ICOA), Aarhus University. Hans Kirkegaard and Børge Obel are the lead organizers of the DESIGN-EM research network.

“In Hospital Unit “Midt” they have focused on two important elements as described above. One is to build and test prototypes before implementing them in the emergency department. The other is implementation of telemedicine and its organizational implications. It is important to extract and accumulate as much information and knowledge as possible from these “starting up” projects. We believe that Ibens qualitative analyses will contribute significantly in this aspect,” says Professor sHans Kirkegaard and Børge Obel.

”As an anthropologist I will use qualitative methods as interviews and participant observations. I will focus on the experiences made by the employees. I expect to write two articles based on my research and thus contribute to the overall research make in the DESIGN-EM network,” says Iben Duvald.

The projects will run from April 2014 – December 2014. 

For further information:

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Research Center for Emergency Medicine (CfA)

Professor Børge Obel, ICOA

Research Assistant Iben Duvald, DESIGN-EM

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