New e-book on the use of the Innovative Method in Vivo Prototyping


PhD student Iben Duvald, ICOA, is co-author of the book which wins high praise from the hospital sector

2016.01.12 | Michelle Nedergaard Buss

Which organizational design will give the most effective and efficient emergency departments at Danish hospitals?

This is the core question for the DESIGN-EM research network – an interdisciplinary partnership between the Research Center for Emergency Medicine (CfA), Aarhus University Hospital, and Interdisciplinary Center for Organizational Architecture (ICOA), Aarhus University. Since 2012 DESIGN-EM has been working with the Regions and a number of hospitals.

ICOA has for the past two years been working closely together with the Research Center for Emergency Medicine (CfA), Aarhus University Hospital, and a large number of Danish regions and hospitals about organizational design models for emergency departments. One of the research projects is carried out by PhD Student Iben Duvald who does research on in vivo prototyping as an innovative method.

This has now resulted in an e-book. The book is published by Gyldendal Business and the title is: Prøvehandlinger - en let innovationsmetode (In vivo prototyping – an easy innovative method). In cooperation with PhD Student Iben Duvald the book is written by Anthropologist Kirsten Engholm Jensen and Innovation and Development Consultant Peter Astrup, who both have been employed at Midtlab, the Central Denmark Region unit for innovation.

“In the context of DESIGN-EM in spring 2014 we carried out a case study on how two different emergency departments use the method of in vivo prototyping to develop both current and future working procedures.” says Iben Duvald.

“We have looked into how as an organization you can develop working procedures by means of in vivo prototyping. A method which staff and managers have seized and used for small as well as larger experiments many places in the public sector – among these the emergency departments at the hospitals. In recent years in vivo prototyping has also found its way into several innovation strategies and general action plans.“

The book answers questions such as: What is in vivo prototyping? How is it done? Is it different from what we are already doing?

The book has already won high praise from the hospital sector:

”The single "Prøvehandlinger - en let innovationsmetode" (In vivo prototyping – an easy innovative method) is outstandingly applicable and inspiring. The book sketches some very useful, easy and concrete experiences and recommendations with in vivo prototyping which support and boost the implementation of especially incremental changes – and the existing solutions are improved. And who do not want that? Get inspired and engage in the culture of innovation with in vivo prototyping as innovative method”, says Hanne Berg Fog, Head Nurse, MPG, Department of Cardiology and Medicine, Regional Hospital Central Jutland.

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