About PMA2014

Background and Aims

The PMA 2014 Conference will be held at Aarhus University, Denmark, from 25 - 27 June 2014. PMA 2014 will build on the successes of the previous international conferences, the most recent of which was hosted in Queenstown, New Zealand 2013. 

The theme for PMA 2014 is Designing the High-Performing Organisation. Exploring the latest thinking and research into design of, strategy & governance for, management of continuously relevant and responsible organisations in the age of big data, the conference will feature a blend of keynote and plenary presentations, parallel streams that include one for graduate student research, and discussion groups. Delegates and presenters are expected from a range of academic disciplines, as well as the business and public sector communities. 

The aim of the PMA conference is to bring together those who want to explore and better understand the role that performance measurement and management plays in improving organisational design and performance. No other conference better facilitates dialogue in the field of performance measurement, providing such a rare opportunity for academics and practitioners to meet and exchange ideas. 

Typically up to one third of participants at the PMA conference come from practice, while two thirds are drawn from academia. Attendees come from all over the globe and have diverse backgrounds and perspectives, which makes the event particularly fascinating given the diversity of views held and shared by participants.

As in previous years the conference will commence with a Welcome Reception, with the 2014 reception hosted by the Mayor of Aarhus and held at Aarhus City Hall on the evening of 24 June. This will be followed by two and a half days of parallel stream paper presentations. Keynote presentations are delivered on each day and at the conference dinner. Plenary sessions will be held throughout the event. The principal aim of the conference is to provide a unique interdisciplinary and international forum for the exchange of cutting-edge knowledge and research about organisational performance measurement within both the public and private sectors. If you would like to participate, please register your interest on the conference website.

About the PMA

The Performance Management Association is a global network for those interested in the theory and practice of performance measurement and management. It is essentially a voluntary network which has a multidisciplinary constituency covering accounting, economics, engineering, finance, HR, IT, logistics, marketing, operations, purchasing, sales, strategy etc. Its development and continued growth is overseen by a board of leading academics in the fields of performance measurement and management. Members from both the academic and business communities benefit from the Performance Measurement Association. The ability to share knowledge and pool resources is fundamental, enabling members to keep up to date in a field that is developing and moving at a rapid rate.

About Cambridge University

The University of Cambridge (informally known as ”Cambridge University” or simply ”Cambridge”) is a collegiate public research university in Cambridge, England. Originally founded in 1209, it is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world, and the world’s third-oldest surviving university. Cambridge Service Alliance - a unique global alliance between leading businesses and universities. It brings together the world’s leading firms and academics, all of whom are devoted to delivering today the tools, education and insights needed for the complex service solutions of tomorrow. Its members are BAE Systems, Caterpillar Inc., IBM, Pearson and the University of Cambridge’s Institute for Manufacturing and Judge Business School.

About ICOA

The Interdisciplinary Center for Organizational Architecture (ICOA) is an interdisciplinary research center at the School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University. Designing organizations for the future is our core research focus. We do research on how to analyze, design and redesign private and public organizations to secure their ability to excel now and in the future. Hence, we do research on how to design a robust integration and alignment of people, processes and functional areas for optimal organizational innovation and performance. Our research approach is interdisciplinary and integrative and conducted in close collaboration with organizations.

About CfL

CfL is a community for leaders and HR Professionals wanting to work with development based on best practice. At its heart, CfL is a strong professional community of management specialists covering a wide range of leadership disciplines. CfL has about 100 employees, who help more than 1,000 Danish public and private enterprises to learn from each other via CfL. CfL is an independent organisation, its mission being to strengthen the competitiveness of these enterprises through strong leadership. CfL offers world class leadership training, professional and attractive networks and consulting. Moreover, CfL has a well-developed palette of international and validated tools which they use in all areas of development.

Conference Themes

Broad themes have been identified for the conference. Although these are not exclusive, submissions aimed at the following areas are especially encouraged:

  • Organization Performance, Design & Big Data Analytics
  • Sustainable Enterprise Excellence
  • Organization Design for Resilience, Robustness & Agility
  • Creativity as a Key Performance Driver
  • Organization Design for Sustainable Enterprise Excellence
  • Performance-Driven Sustainable Innovation
  • Performance-Driven Innovation for Sustainability
  • Cradle-to-Cradle Innovation
  • Balanced Scorecard Variations, Sustainability, and Innovation
  • Strategic Performance Management
  • Linking Organizational Governance and Triple Top Line Strategy to Triple Bottom Line Performance
  • Performance-Driven Continuous Relevancy & Responsibility
  • Disciplinary & Functional Performance Perspectives


Lakeside Lecture Theatres (conference venue)
Aarhus University
Bartholins Allé 3, building 1250
8000 Aarhus C

ARoS (conference dinner)
Aros Allé 2
8000 Aarhus C

Aarhus City Hall (opening reception)
8000 Aarhus C


The conference will be held at Aarhus University in the city of Aarhus, Denmark from 25-27 June 2014 with a welcoming reception and registration at Aarhus City Hall in the heart of the city on the evening of 24 June. The conference gala dinner will be held at Aros, the most visited art museum in Scandinavia. Baltic Sea beaches, the city center, and numerous attractions that include Aros, Tivoli Friheden Gardens & Amusement Park, Den Gamle By – founded in 1909 as the world’s first open air museum, and Marseliborg Palace are all within convenient walking distance of the conference venue at Aarhus University and conference hotels. Aarhus - Denmark’s second largest city and summer home of Queen Margrethe II – is an attractive destination that is easily accessible by air, rail, bus, auto, and even sea.

About Aarhus

Aarhus is a dynamic and compact city with a city population of approximately 315,000 and 1.2 million in greater Aarhus. Aarhus is a business hub, a cultural center, and an exceptional holiday destination for families.

Arguably the oldest permanent settlement in Denmark, Aarhus is home to such attractions as ARoS, a renowned art museum;  Den Gamle By, an open air museum set in the era of Hans Christian Andersen; and the Moesgaard Musuem – a Viking-era themed museum that is home to perhaps the world’s most famous bog man, the Grauballe Man.

At the same time, Aarhus is Denmark’s youngest city, being home to more than 40,000 university students. Families will find long stretches of publicly accessible Baltic coastline, Tivoli Friheden amusement park and gardens, and Marselisborg Palace – the summer home of Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II, who attended both Aarhus University and the University of Cambridge.

Numerous other attractions including Legoland are in or near Aarhus. Participants may select from airports located in Aarhus, Billund, Copenhagen, or Aalborg, all of which have convenient connections into Aarhus Centrum by rail or bus.

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Jointly Organised by

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