Special Issues & Conference Tracks

Journal Special Issues

The Performance Management Association is pleased to announce that selected high quality papers from the conference will have the opportunity to be published by Emerald Group Publishing Limited and by the Organisational Design Community (ODC) as special issues of five journals, with appropriate articles recommended to a sixth journal. In the same order as the conference tracks those journals are:

  • International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management (IJPPM) – Emerald
  • Journal of Modelling in Management (JM2) - Emerald
  • Measuring Business Excellence (MBE) – Emerald
  • Journal of Organisation Design (JOD)Organisation Designal Community
  • Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Springer

Conference Tracks

Conference tracks are organised in a manner consistent with the above special issues so that tracks and example topics are as follow:

Track: Continuously Relevant & Responsible Organisations via Creativity, Innovation & Sustainability. Example topics include:

  • Performance-Driven Continuous Relevancy & Responsibility;
  • Sustainable Innovation for Productivity & Performance;
  • Balanced Scorecard Variations for Sustainability and Innovation;
  • Creativity as a Key Productivity & Performance Driver;
  • Sustainable Enterprise Excellence.

Track: Modeling Sustainable Enterprise Excellence. Example topics include:

  • Defining and Modelling Continuously Relevant & Responsible Organisations;
  • Modelling Sustainable Enterprise Excellence;
  • Models for Sustainable Innovation by Design;
  • Balanced Scorecard Modeling, Management & Measurement for Sustainable Enterprise Excellence.

Track: Translating Triple Top Line Strategy into Triple Bottom Line Performance: Governance and Innovation Management & Measurement for Sustainable Enterprise Excellence. Example topics include:

  • Biomimicry & Cradle-to-Cradle Innovation for Sustainable Enterprise Excellence;
  • Governance and Triple Top Line Strategy for Triple Bottom Line Performance;
  • Sustainable Enterprise Excellence via Integration of Innovation and Sustainability;
  • Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics for Sustainable Enterprise Excellence;
  • Strategic Performance Management & Measurement for Sustainable Enterprise Excellence.

Track: Organising for Performance. Example topics include:

  • Organisation Performance, Design & Big Data Analytics;
  • Organisation Design for Resilience, Robustness & Agility;
  • Organisation Design for Sustainable Enterprise Excellence

Track: Innovation & Entrepreneurship as Sustainable Enterprise Excellence Catalysts. Example topics include:

  • Cradle-to-cradle, bio-mimicry, and innovation as a catalyst of organisational resilience, robustness and sustainability
  • Sustainable innovation as a catalyst of organisational resilience, robustness and sustainability
  • Continuous entre-and-intrapreneurship for organisational resilience, robustness and sustainability
  • Co-creation as a catalyst of enterprise resilience, robustness and sustainability
  • Big data analytics for enterprise resilience, robustness, sustainability and excellence

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