Chinese guest researchers at ICOA from September 2014

Associate professor Qinglan Chen, Department of Management Science, Xiamen University of Technology will visit ICOA 10 month starting September 1 or October 1, 2014. She is financed by a Scholarship Award from Danish Agency for Higher Education.

2014.06.20 | Pernille Kallehave

Qing-Lan Chen obtained her PhD degree from Management School, Xiamen University, China, in 2008. She is an associate professor at the Management School, Xiamen University of Technology, China. She has published papers in Nankai Business Review, Soft Science, Journal of Xiamen University of Technology, Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Industrial Technology & Economy, Jianghuai Tribune, Reformation & Strategy, and Science and Technology Progress and Policy. Her research areas are strategy management, project management, and industry cluster theory. She has published witin areas of economics, game theory and simulation studies.