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Industrial PhD Student Jacob Brix presents how he conducts action research at a management seminar during his visit at Rennselaer, Lally School of Management & Technology.

2013.04.17 | Morten Bygvraa Rasmussen

Jacob Brix will present how he conducts action research, which is one of the softest qualitative methods that exist. During the session there will be lots of photos and examples of how Jacob went from gaining access to the different case companies he collaborated with to having full refereed papers accepted for publication in different journals.

Instead of working only with hard data such as numbers and statistics, I find it equally interesting to make the soft data harder in order to understand the people and organizations in depth behind the numbers and equations.

Jacob Brix is an industrial doctoral student from Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences, and he is employed at the Danish Technological Institute's Center for Ideas and Innovation. Jacob has published six peer reviewed articles and he has global experience in working with radical innovation in practice. Finally, he is a visiting scholar at the Rensselaer Lally School of Management and Technology.

Source: www.lallyschool.rpi.edu/events/mo/brix.apr13.html

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