Five professors from the US will visit ICOA from March to June

The visiting professor will give ICOA staff and friends a unique opportunity to work with international top scholars.

2014.03.05 | Pernille Kallehave

Next week is a good week. The long-awaited Danish spring will emerge with warmer temperatures nicely introducing the new season for international guests at ICOA. Five professors will be visiting ICOA for a shorter or longer stay. They will give lectures at ICOA seminars (please see ICOA Calendar) , work on joint research projects and supervise our ph.d.  students.

If you want to grasp this unique opportunity to discuss ideas and research with top scholars, please contact Marianne Sejhten for an appointment.

Guest list

The guest list is as follows:

March 10-11 Professor Alan Meyer
March 23-29 Professor Richard Burton
March 31-April 11 Professor Charles Snow
May 15-July 14 Professor Takao Kato
June 1-30 Professor Richard Burton
June 19-26 Professor George Huber





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