ICOA continues to facilitate BSS sustainability activities

Dean Svend Hylleberg has renewed the contract with ICOA. Since 2011 ICOA has had a special contract with dean Svend Hylleberg about facilitating the school activities on ethics, responsibility and sustainability. This contract has been renewed so also in 2014 ICOA will represent BSS in matters connected to the UN programs PRME and Global Compact, where BSS is a signatory and member.

2014.04.10 | Pernille Kallehave

This means that PhD student Thomas Kjærgaard and Head of Development Pernille Kallehave will continue to represent BSS in the UN PRME Regional Chapter Nordic (prme.cbs.dk/nordic/about_prme_regional_chapter_nordic)  and the UN Global Compact Nordic Network. gcnordic.net/index.php

Pernille Kallehave is also responsible for collecting data about BSS sustainability activities and reporting to the UN PRME later this year. She has therefore now opened a linkedin group for researchers, staff, students and alumni encouraging them to share knowledge on events and activities. www.linkedin.com/groups

Among the members of the PRME steering committee are representatives of EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB. The school’s commitment to the network is therefore also crucial for the accreditation work.

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