Law Professor René Franz Henschel joins ICOA

He will investigate the potential synergies between the design of contracts and the design of organizations.

2014.02.04 | Pernille Kallehave

Contracts are a powerfull tool when you design an organization. The legal framework defined in the contracts often determine the interaction between the company and its stakeholders eg.  actors in the supply chain, customers, partners, employees. It is therefore vital that the contract design is aligned with the strategic organizational design of the company.

”A contract is one of several proactive managerial tools used to design the optimal organization, ” says Professor Henschel and continues:

”In my research I am looking at the design perspectives of contract management and therefore it is an obvious choice for me to work closer with ICOA and their organization design research”.

An interdiscplinary approach raises new legal questions

By looking at contracts as a management and strategic tool, professor Henschel is adding an interdiscplinary view on a classical legal discipline.

”Here it is interesting to dig deeper into the consequences of such an approach. How can we for example solve legal disputes of such a new type of contracts? How should the courts consider and judge cases with this kind of contracts?” These are some of the new research questions, that René Franz Henschel will be working with in the future.

Professor Henschel will still be part of the Department of Law, but spend some of his research time at ICOA.


Professor Rene Franz Henschel

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