Luca Giustiniano returns to ICOA in the fall 2014

The associate professor from Luiss, Rome is attracted by "the intellectual excitement" he met at ICOA in January. He will spend his sabbatical in Aarhus from October-December 2014.

2014.02.27 | Pernille Kallehave

Luca Giustiniano, associate professor of Management and Organization from Luiss in Rome visited ICOA for a few weeks in January 2014. Now he has decided to return and spend his sabbatical at ICOA from October-December 2014.

"I have spent two weeks at ICOA in January 2014 and I decided to come back in the Fall 2014 as part of my sabbatical… Why? For many people an academic sabbatical leave is a kind of career reward… For me it's not like that. I see the sabbatical leave as a time in which you can focus on your research agenda, learn new things, share your research and –most of all- learn. To reach this target you need a place in which "the intellectual excitement" is contagious, like ICOA.

The rest is in its name ICOA itself… A vivid interdisciplinary curiosity has always been at the very core of my research agenda. In an academic world which is –myopically, in my opinion- drifting towards hyper-specialization, the enjoyment is given by the possibility of interacting and sharing knowledge with people with very different backgrounds. Moreover, if managers and policy makers are able to understand what you are doing it proves that you are also, somehow, contributing to the development of society. To this extend I appreciate ICOA being an interdisciplinary and international center which tries to be very responsive toward several stakeholders.

Further, for my future research agenda I decided to focus on the contingency approach to Organization Design. ICOA hosts and sponsors the Organizational Design Community and the Journal of Organization Design. Its sustaining network organizes research seminars and summits of outstanding level. ICOA is the place!"

We are looking forward to seeing Luca again at ICOA!

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