Radical Innovation requires a broad perspective

The interdisciplinary and international environment at ICOA has been fruitful for Jacob Brix who Friday November 22 will defend his PhD dissertation "Exploring Radical Innovation Projects from a Learning Perspective".

2013.11.14 | Pernille Kallehave

Seven months before deadline industrial PhD student Jacob Brix handed in his PhD dissertation in August 2013. On Friday he will be giving a public lecture followed by a defense. The subject of the lecture is:

"Advantages, disadvantages and alternatives to constructivist learning theories in the investigation of radical innovation and the Creative Idea Solution© framework"

"The purpose of this Industrial PhD project is to explore how organizations are affected directly and indirectly by working with radical innovation in practice" says Jacob Brix and continues "of course, my research is not only descriptive, which you might think when the term 'exploring' is chosen in the title. I have worked proactively to construct and test new theory in practice – and until now I have had seven peer reviewed papers accepted for publication; so there is an academic interest for my approach to create original/pioneering research."

"The context for the PhD project is the Creative Idea Solution (CIS) framework (Brix and Jakobsen, 2013), which is the radical innovation framework the Danish Technological Institute offers to its customers. The supposition guiding the project is that working with radical innovation in practice generates valuable changes to the organization and its design, no matter if the project(s) results in a success or a failure."

Jacob Brix has been employed as industrial researcher at the Danish Technological Institute and he has been PhD student at the Department of Business Communication at Aarhus University. 

At an early stage of his PhD education he decided to become affiliated scholar at ICOA.

"Innovation is interdisciplinary by nature. To succeed you have to include perspectives from management, organizational theory, communication, learning etc." says Jacob Brix and continues:

"Innovation is very much about breaking some old habits of thoughts and be able to see a problem from new angles. ICOA offers a unique opportunity to discuss your research with colleagues from other disciplines. It is a very challenging but also very inspiring environment" says Jacob Brix who also is very happy about the feedback he has got from visiting professors like George Huber from University of Texas at Austin and Rich Burton from The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University.

Everybody is welcome to attend the PhD defense Friday 22 November 2013, at 14:00.

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