The International Negotiation and Teaching Research Association (INTRA)

INTRA meeting 2019

INTRA’s next meeting will be held in Kyoto, Japan, at Kyoto University on Thursday, 28 March 2019, at 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Here you can download the Workshop Programme

About us

Our aim is to create a platform for international research on negotiation and negotiation related topics.

The reason to create a network is that – outside the US – negotiation research and teaching is still scattered over various institutions and there are very little activities to form a community.

INTRA is open for all academics and practitioners, who share our same passion for theory and practice of negotiation.


Recently, we have also published some of our best negotiation role plays. All of them have been tested during The Negotiation Challenge and include thorough debriefs. They can also be used free of charge for educational purposes. INTRA members receive a 20% discount. Please reach out to us, if you are interested.


Joint platform

We think that it is useful to have a joint platform:

  • To exchange and discuss research insights and projects, possibly also to form new research collaborations.
  • To discuss various pedagogical approaches and methods and to facilitate joint teaching projects.
  • To create a platform for out-of-academia activities.


To serve these goals, the following activities are carried out:

  • An annually network meeting with a pedagogical and/or scientific focus, preferably attached to TNC. These meetings might result in joint publications.
  • The Negotiation Challenge (TNC), an annually negotiation challenge that has been founded in 2007.
  • A database in that the names and research interests of scholars will be collected and that is associated with a LinkedIn and Facebook group.
  • A collection of relevant calls for conferences and meetings and also for special issues and other publications.
  • A collection of teaching material, aprticulary role plays and syllabi.

Current network members

Peter Kesting
Associate professor
Aarhus University, Denmark
Research interests: remote negotiations, routine in negotiations, negotiation competitions

John Kleefeld 
Associate Professor 
College of Law, University of Saskatchewan

Rene Pfromm
University of Bonn, Faculty of Law and Economics Research, Germany
Research interests: legal negotiations, strategic negotiations, international negotiations, negotiation pedagogy

Remigiusz Smolinski
Assistant professor
IESEG School of Management, France

Seraphim Voiliotis
Assistant professor of strategy
ALBA Business School, Greece

Magarita Canal
Assistant Professor
Los Andes University's School of Management, Colombia 

Aldis G. Sigurdardottir
Assistant professor
Purchasing and Supply Management
University of Twente, Netherlands 

Suzanne de Janasz
IMD Lausanne, Switzerland 

Rudolf Vetschera
Universität Wien, Austria 

Michael Filzmoser
Ass. Professor
TU Wien, Austria

Tim Cullen
Director of the Oxford Programme on Negotiation
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, UK

María Casas
Assistant Professor
Los Andes University's School of Management, Colombia 

Will Baber
Associate Professor
Kyoto University, Japan 

Robert Rzadca
Kozminski University, Poland 

Aðalsteinn Leifsson
Director of Administration
European Free Trade Association (EFTA)

Rajesh Kumar
Associate Professor
Nottingham University, UK 

Gediminas Almantas
PhD Student
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark 

Ilias Kapoutsis
Visiting Professor
Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), Greece
Research interests: Negotiation processes, overconfidence, incentives 

Rudolf Schüßler
Uni Bayrreuth, Germany 

Dominik Doll
PhD Student
Technische Universität München – TUM School of Management, Germany 

Anne Marie Bülow
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark 

Paul Meerts
Senior Research Associate
Clingendael Institute, Netherlands 

Zev Jacob Eigen
Assistant Professor
Nothwestern University Law School, USA 

Valerie Rosoux
Invited Professor
Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium 

Amrita Narlikar
Darwin College, Cambridge, UK 

Mathis Schulte
Assistant Professor
HEC Paris - School of Management, France 

Czeslaw Mesjasz
Associate Professor
Cracow University of Economics, Poland 

Gro Alteren
Associate Professor
University of Tromsø, Norway 

Clemens Hutzinger
PhD Student
Universität Wien, Austria

Larry Crump
Griffith University, Australia
Research interests: complex negotiation, negotiation linkage theory, temporal theory, turning points theory, framing and re-framing strategy, coalitions and alliances.

Michael Friedman
Bucerius Law School, Germany
Research interests: negotiation pedagogy, inter-institutional (remote) simulations

Verner D. Worm
Director of Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Research interests: international negotiation in China and India, culture

Sabine T. Köszegi
Vienna University of Technology, Austria 

Pierre Debaty
Council of Ministers of the EU, Staff Development Unit

Anna Ilsøe
Associate Professor
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Michele Griessmair
Universität Wien, Austria

Oliver Thomas
Philipps University in Marburg, Germany

Stephan Proksch
Trialogis Organisationsberatung Mediation, Austria

Nora Madjar
Associate Professor
University of Conneticut, USA

(Jacobus Philippus) Kos Vos
EADA Business School Barcelona, Spain

Dragos-Cristian Vasilescu
Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Research interests: turning points in negotiations, negotiation process, use of negotiations as global strategy

Barney Jordaan
Vlerick Business School, Belgium

Véronique Fraser
University of Sherbrooke, Canada

Margherita Clara Redaelli
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy


Lynn L. K. Lim
University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland
Research interests: International Business and International Management

Jamey Darnell
University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee, USA
Research interests: Management – international, strategy, and entrepreneurship

Anis Bennani
Microsoft, UK

Daniela Russowsky Raad             
Raad & Alt Advogados Associados, Brazil   
Research interests: Mediation, negotiation family law and inheritance law

Christos A. Tsagklis
PhD Candidate, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece
Research interests: Negotiation processes            

Eric Gleysteen    
American University, Washington College of Law /Proposal Manager for Edgewater Federal Solutions
Research interests: popularity contests and how they are won/lost, rhetoric, the influence of human animal behaviour on social exchange, transactional law and negotiation     

Kristen Bell DeTienne
Professor,  Brigham Young University, USA
Research interests:  negotiation, ethics, and organisational behaviour

Shun-itsu Nakasako
Professor, Chuo University, Japan
Research interests: theories, practices and educational methods of business communication, negotiation, and intercultural communication

Tatsuzo Higashikawa
Lecturer, Ritsumeikan University, Graduate School of Management, Japan
General Manager, Shinjyu Global IP, Patent Law Firm
Executive Director of the Japan International Society of Negotiation
Research interests: Theoretical study of Negotiation Strategies, Cross-cultural negotiations

Photo: Julia Rolsted Stacey, AU Communications, Business and Social Sciences.
Peter Kesting, Aarhus University.